Upcoming Trainings and Professional Consultation:

Training and Resources
Interested in deepening your learning in perinatal mental health? Check out these training opportunities presented by Michelle Anderson in partnership with Perinatal Support Washington and WWU.  

  • Clinical Consultations for Mental Health Clinicians providing cross-cultural care with Michelle. Starting June 23rd at 9 am. The 4th Wednesday of the month from 9-10 am; Offered for those working with clients in King County.
  • 10 Month Advanced Perinatal Mental Health Training and Case Consultation with Michelle. Starting June 16th at 9 am. The 2nd Wednesday of the month from 9:00 am – 11:00 am. For Pierce County Mental Health Therapists.
  • Oh Mama! Motherhood, Mental Health and Sex“The best hour I spent on ZOOM all year!” – Webinar viewer  We are so excited to share the link to this webinar that was hosted by WWU last month with local experts including Michelle demystify sex and our bodies postpartum.

Interested in additional training for your staff, colleagues or students, please contact Michelle directly. [email protected]

Training topics include (but are not limited to):

  • The Art of Counseling from Conception through Motherhood
  • Mindfulness and CBT in the Perinatal Period
  • The Mobile Mama Method
  • Perinatal Depression 
  • Perinatal Anxiety
  • Intrusive/scary thoughts, OCD
  • Adjustment issues:  addressing ‘shoulds’ and unrealistic expectations of American mothering
  • Perinatal management of bipolar disorder and postpartum psychosis
  • Birth trauma; Breastfeeding and perinatal mental health.
  • Perinatal loss: miscarriage, stillbirth, preparing for pregnancy after loss; Medications during pregnancy and lactation
  • Supporting parents during and after the NICU
  • Sexual abuse survivors and perinatal mood and anxiety disorders.


Supervision and Consultation:

Michelle is currently supervising LMHCA’s and LMHC’s and is available for both individual and group supervision. Michelle is also available for professional consultation for mental health providers. 

Please contact Michelle if you are interested.


Mobile Mama Therapist Training:

Interested in learning more about becoming a Mobile Mama Therapist or becoming trained in the strategies that Michelle has developed to work specifically with pregnancy through Motherhood? Michelle is developing a Mobile Mama Therapy Training Manual and curriculum. Please contact Michelle for future training opportunities.