Pregnancy and birth mark some of the most profound events in a women’s life. Often mothers travel through this terrain unsupported or under-supported.  First child or fifth child, our lives transform when we are pregnant and more so when baby arrives. Counseling helps mom have a space to experience the many layers of pregnancy and teaches the skills and strategies to stay flexible and grow with these life changes.

For some women pregnancy and childbirth bring to the surface significant mental health concerns as well. Research tells us that one in seven moms develop postpartum depression and one in ten moms develop postpartum anxiety. Research teaches us that a strong mindfulness program coupled with cognitive based psychotherapy are amongst the most effective and least invasive therapies for combating stress, depression and anxiety.

Our Cognitive Behavioral Therapy counseling approach coupled with mindfulness and breath/body awareness encourages clients to develop the tools to manage their mental health and well-being before baby is born through the postpartum return. Our training in Lifespan Integration supports clients in working through, repairing and integrating their pregnancies, birth experiences, loss, and transformation through motherhood. Mobile Mama Therapy through this time of life provides profound support for the mother and the mother-to-be.

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