Sticky Notes and Sound Bites

We know this season of your life is full. When flossing feels like a luxury, coffee a necessity and self-care a mystery, there’s not much extra room for To-Do’s and Tools. Motherhood requires simplicity.  Ideas need to be as short as a sound bite and fit on a sticky note…drum roll please… With this in mind we are excited to share our Mobile Mama Blog: “Sticky Notes & Sound Bites” tools and strategies designed for you.

Blog 1: “Starting the day before it starts you”

Blog 2: “Plan for Clunky”

Blog 3: “Building the muscles of intuition”

Blog 4: “Structure as Support”

Blog 5: “The 8 to 8 Rule”

Blog 6: “Out of my mind and onto the page”

Blog 7: “Social Media or not – What is just right for me?”

Blog 8: “This is Temporary…”

Blog 9: “Coming Home to Myself”

Blog 10: “Canceling Anxiety and Pesky Thoughts”

Blog 11: “What DO I have control over?”